A surprising development

Tobler AG was established in 1995 at its current site in Rheineck (Switzerland) by Martin Tobler. Within a couple of years, the innovative company became an internationally successful production and commercial company for scaffoldings and formwork. The name Tobler is today a key player in the construction industry far beyond the national borders.

MATO – innovation has a name

Early on, Tobler AG already started to improve existing and develop new scaffolding systems. The objective was to develop an innovative lightweight scaffolding which sets new standards as regards profitability, efficiency and value added. Today, the facade scaffoldings MATO 1, MATO 2 and the MATO 8 module scaffolding are amongst the internationally successful systems.

Safety thanks to tested quality

To meet the high safety and quality requirements, our specialists and statisticians work closely with certified safety experts. Before serial production, every new development undergoes stringent checks and practical tests. Even in production, every part is inspected for production faults.

Tobler AG portrait

Baugerüste Tobler AG, which was established in 1995 and whose head office is in Rheineck, has developed from a small business to a respectable enterprise in the scaffolding sector in recent years, without which the market is hard to imagine. This development necessitated expansions in the workforce and in the warehouse. By expanding our product range in 2009, we began to trade as Tobler AG. Warehouse management on the extended storage premises with covered halls and state-of-the-art shelf systems allows a delivery readiness that comprises the biggest part of the range. Thanks to its large range of scaffolding materials, Tobler AG is also able to offer, in addition to the successfully established in-house developments MATO 1, MATO 2, MATO 3 and MATO 8, compatible and cost-effective solutions for every other scaffolding system known in the market. The individual scaffolding components are characterised, above all, by their simple and time-saving installation. The weight of the individual parts has also been reduced to a minimum through continuous enhancement without losing stability and bearing capacity. In addition to special dimension constructions to customer wishes, Tobler AG offers further top developments. For instance, the already successfully used emergency roof system MATO N, which stands out by its easy handling, even in the event of instable weather conditions. As well as the ultra light roller scaffolding MATO R which is made from aluminium, easily and safely installed thanks to its click construction and can even be transported and stored in a space-saving manner. To meet the current safety and quality requirements, Tobler AG works very closely with safety experts from the scaffolding sector and subjects all new developments to stringent checks and practical tests before they are permitted for production. These demanding inspections continue over the entire production process, which means that faulty parts are removed already before dispatch and a top level of safety can be ensured. The long-standing experience of Tobler AG always helps to find the optimum compact solution for the customer or to develop individual special parts at acceptable prices. To continue managing customers comprehensively in the future, Tobler AG aims to offer its customers a seamless service. It will continue to invest in product developments and intensive support for customers by trained, competent staff in the future. Would you like to supplement or update your scaffolding material? Ask us, the entire Tobler team will be happy to help with its advice!