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Information Tobler AG to our customers about the Coronavirus COVID-19

Dear customers

While the coronavirus COVID-19 continues to spread in Europe and Switzerland, Tobler AG continues to actively monitor the situation. The effects on humans, the economy and leisure time are hardly predictable, and states are imposing new measures and regulations almost daily. In large parts of the world, events have been banned and businesses closed until April, as well as hygiene measures to continue the construction industry.

The Tobler AG does everything to ensure the usual services for all our customers. We cannot guarantee however at present that this is always and completely possible. Even if the transit and goods traffic is still permitted, we expect due to the entry/exit regulations and the introduced intensified border controls with delays in delivery.

We hope that we can count on your support in finding a suitable solution when the undesired case occurs. We ask you to keep us proactively informed about what is happening in your company in case you have to postpone or cancel orders. We ask for your understanding in this exceptional situation.

Martin Tobler