Tobler Deck Slab Formwork

The super-fast modular slab formwork can be installed by one person – thanks to lightweight construction in Tobler quality.

Thanks to our lightweight construction expertise, it has become possible for a single person to assemble the Tobler Deck formwork elements.

Hanging into the Tobler Flex props and swivelling upwards is done with ease. A standard 180 × 180 aluminium panel with a formwork surface of 3.24 m2 weighs only 45 kg. The particularly low weight for this area ensures a high working speed and thus your economic advantage.

arrow Your advantages

  • Mounting from below by just one person
  • Maximum manufacturing precision for perfect joint alignment
  • Great load-bearing capacity, up to 50 cm ceiling thickness
  • Maximum efficiency in industrial and home building
  • Powder-coated frame for unique longevity
  • Minimum cleaning effort


Call us today and arrange a personal presentation! We offer attractive starter packages for system changers.

Tobler Deck – the ultra-fast slab formwork from lightweight construction specialist Tobler AG – can be assembled by just one person. The connection to the Tobler Flex props is child's play: hook it in – swing it upwards – done. Tobler Deck thus guarantees you maximum economic efficiency and an important competitive advantage.

Tobler Deck is characterised by the highest manufacturing quality. This dimensional precision ensures exact positioning and ensures a perfect joint pattern.

Last but not least, thanks to optimised ergonomics, Tobler Deck ensures extremely pleasant handling and can be stacked perfectly. For safe transport, we supply the matching camouflage transport corners as required.


The lightest way to make slabs up to 50 cm

Unrivalled working pace

The aluminium panel measuring 180 × 180 cm (3.24 m² contact form area) is an absolute lightweight.

Weighing just 45 kg, it enables a consistently brisk working speed – and thus unique cost effectiveness.


Ideal results

Dimensional precision ensures exact positioning and perfect joint pattern.

The 180 × 180 cm format is recommended for shuttering larger areas. This allows to realize slab thicknesses of up to 50 cm.

Hook on – swivel – prop

Once mounted, the formwork element holds all by itself in the Tobler Flex bearing. Time can be used to get further props.

A light aluminium rod with a non-slip base is used to swivel the panel to the horizontal position and to secure it temporarily. The rod fits into every Tobler Deck panel.

More efficiency in
continuous operation

Powder coating with multiple benefits

The powder-coated frame guarantees a long service life. The extremely robust and protected formlining ensures exceptionally long service lives without refurbishment. More information on formlining can be found in our Tobler Flex catalogue.

The powder coating necessitates only minimal cleaning, as adherence of concrete is minimized by the coating.


Ergonomically shaped

Thanks to the optimised ergonomics of the formwork panels and props, the Tobler Deck system is extremely pleasant to handle.

The panels can also be perfectly stacked. For safe transport, we can also supply matching edge protectors.


The right element for every geometry

In addition to the standard formats, custom sizes can also be ordered. Take profit from Tobler’s flexibility and customer focus.

Standard lengths: 90 | 180 cm
Standard widths: 45 | 60 | 75 | 90 | 180 cm
Flexible formwork elements: 55 – 90 × 90 cm | 55 – 90 × 180 cm


Tobler Care – formwork renovation

Full renovation in Swiss quality

Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential for the long-term preservation of the formwork material and high-quality results. We offer renovation of all common formwork systems. It includes: Removal of plates, cleaning of profiles with up to 1,000 bar water pressure and removal of concrete residues. Covering of the frames with the desired plate (phenolic resin, plastic coating, Alkus) and subsequent sealing with high-quality joint sealant.


Your benefits

  • Save time and money with an extended life for your formwork system
  • Competent inspection and assessment of your formwork elements by professionals
  • Crediting of residual value when trading in «old for new»
  • Full renovation in Switzerland
  • Guarantee of professional renovation


Our services

  • Removal of plates
  • Cleaning of the formwork profiles
  • Installation of your choice of new formlining
  • Supply of replacement plates of all commercially
  • available types, including accessories
  • Frame repair

System replacement «new for old»

We offer the option to sell us your used or no longer cost-effective formwork and scaffolding systems and exchange them for new material. Our product range includes formwork and scaffolding systems from all common manufacturers.

Our expert advisers are your competent contacts for a system replacement.


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