Tobler Top Concreting Platform

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  • Maximum safety
  • Clean formwork without the cleaning effort
  • Safe transport with low transport volume
  • Maximum speed with simple self-locking setup
  • System is compliant with the 2022 construction work regulations


Maximum safety and speed


Maximum safety

The tried-and-tested Tobler Top system with concreting platform and opposing guardrail offers workers maximum protection and makes concreting clean and efficient.

Smooth working procedures allow you to achieve the highest possible work pace and adhere to deadlines.



Maximum work speed

The super-fast insertion method with «click-clack effect» allows you to set up the platform in the shortest time possible. 

The unique and extremely reliable anti-fall protection allows you to combine safety and speed and achieve maximum efficiency.



Structural benefits of the Tobler Top concreting platform with opposing guardrail:

  • Assembled and disassembled in seconds
  • Strong and durable
  • Reliable anti-fall protection 
  • 3-way safety
  • Integrated dirt protection
  • No need to clean the formwork
  • Optimal support and anchoring
  • Universal face seal
  • Space-saving storage

Concreting platform

A major benefit of the Tobler TOP concreting platform is that it is set up on the wall formwork from above, secures itself, and is then supported high up on the wall formwork by means of folding scaffolding brackets.

The carefully matched support for the concreting platform and the wall formwork ensures continuous work, with no conflicts with anchor holes or props.


Opposing guardrail

The German Construction Work Ordinance BauAV 2022 stipulates that an opposing guardrail must be used at work heights of 2m and above. 

Tobler TOP opposing guardrails offer three-way protection to people and materials and are suitable for use with various formwork systems.  


Anti-fall protection

The Tobler TOP concreting platform provides maximum safety during movement owing to its integrated anti-fall protection.  

When set down by a crane, the platform secures itself automatically. 


Integrated dirt protection

The integrated rubber lip prevents concrete from getting between the concreting platform and the formwork. This prevents the need for cleaning.


End panel

The end panel is hooked directly into pre-drilled edge-protection elements, thus offering maximum protection against unintentional lateral falls.

End panels can be used universally.



Folding scaffolding bracket

All steel profiles are made of high-quality, hot-dip-galvanised S355 steel. 

Quick, simple folding helps to save a large amount of transport volume.


Integrated transport safety

The mechanism of the folded scaffolding brackets is a simple yet ingenious solution that locks the platforms during transport. 

This integrated safety helps you save valuable time, and improves safety.


Corner and levelling platforms

Like our standard concreting platforms, our corner and levelling platforms are also equipped with guardrails having a folding mechanism. 

They also come with an integrated edge protection to ensure durability and improve reliability.




Outer corner platform

Functional integration with the edge protection that is integrated into the brackets contributes to the long service life of Tobler TOP outer corner platforms. 

The guardrails with folding mechanism are of the highest quality, making them a safe and reliable investment.




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